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Upcoming Events

Sat Mar 25 @ 8:00AM -
Pajama Jam
Sat Apr 01 @ 4:00AM - 12:00PM
MRVANA April Fools Dance
Sat Apr 08 @ 1:00PM -
Rural Recovery 6th Annual Celebration
Sat Apr 15 @10:30AM -
scana-planning meeting 2017
Sat Apr 15 @ 2:00PM - 06:00PM
scana bowling day 2017

Meeting List

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Meeting List by E-Mail

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Although meetings may be located at a variety of publicly-accessible buildings, meeting locations do not imply affiliation with the facility.

Meetings use a variety of formats such as Participation, Speaker, Topic Discussion, Book Study, New Comer, Question and Answer, etc.

There are no attendance monitors at meetings and we are under no surveillance at any time.

Most meetings last from 1 to 1½ hours.

When you arrive at your first meeting you can expect to see recovering addicts welcoming each other and socializing.  It is not uncommon for new members to be warmly welcomed.

You may see information pamphlets, books and activity flyers.   Feel free to take pamphlets and flyers. Books are for sale at cost.

The leader (chair person) typically will open the meeting with a moment of silence followed by readings, and announcements. The leader will then ask if newcomers and visitors would like to introduce themselves. Participation in meetings is voluntary.

The leader opens up the meeting for members to speak on any subject related to recovery. Members will speak, sharing their experience, strength and hope. Sharing is voluntary. We do not respond directly to other people’s shares (as in conversation) (this is called "cross talk"), but from our own experience.

While members are sharing, we refrain from side conversations and other distracting activities that may disrupt the meeting.

There are no fees or dues to attend a NA meeting. We are self supporting through our own voluntary contributions. You will see a basket being passed to collect donations from members to pay rent for the meeting place, purchase literature, refreshments, etc.

As Narcotics Anonymous continues to grow as a worldwide fellowship, we have found it important to respect the hosts of our meeting locations. With that in mind, we ask that members please:

• Be quiet when arriving and departing from meeting facilities;

• Remember that others may be offended by our tone and language;

• Dispose of trash and cigarette butts appropriately.

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